Our Services

Staff Augmentation

To ensure the best in class consulting services, we assign a multidisciplinary team of BI technology consultants, project managers and business analysts. Our interim professionals are driven, ambitious and real team players.

Whether you want to strengthen your team with interim consultant or you want an expert support in a project, we are there with you in every step of the journey. Our skilled BI technology experts have the ability to maintain as well as enhance an organization’s existing BI solutions including, analytics, reporting, ETL, database development & administration, and more.

At Datatroupe we support companies by deploying highly skilled and ambitious professionals. We do this by focussing not only on the expertise and experience but also on the fit. Whether an organization succeeds, or even survives, ultimately comes down to the talent and culture fit of the people who work there. Also, our job doesn’t stop at placing candidates in the companies. We guide the candidates throughout their assignment and provide training and mentorship to assure 100 percent success in the assignment.

By working together we enthusiastically contribute to the realization of operational and tactical goals.

Business Intelligence

As every business is different so are their needs, Datatroupe focusses on developing fully customized, highly scalable BI solutions that support your team’s decision making process.

Data Management & Governance

Data Driven Businesses that are fit to take on the challenges of a Digital World

The amount of data that organisations generate has increased exponentially over the last few years making it difficult for many organisations to manage and make sense of this vast amount of data which is generated from many platforms, systems, devices, customers and online channels.

To manage enterprise data effectively, it is important to determine its value to the organisation: both in their current state, as well as in the future. We assist our clients to understand and unlock the value of their data today, as well as plan for the future. It is evident that how efficiently organisations store, process and use this data is becoming more and more critical to the success of their business.

Our Data management services cater for the entire Data management lifecycle which include:
  • Facilitating the design and implementation of an end-to-end data strategy & architecture
  • Establishing business process to ensure industry-leading data governance
  • Aligning commonly used data to improve operational efficiency through master data management
  • Delivering end-to-end data migration solutions for seamless transitions between platforms
  • Improving and ensuring data quality through the implementation of leading profiling and remediation initiatives